How we do it

We perform free inspections to evaluate if the amount of damage on your property qualifies for a claim with your insurance. Our Public Adjuster Firm, F.E Claims Adjusters Corp, checks your policy for coverage and exclusions to handle your claim the best way possible.

If enough damage is caused to your home, a contract is signed with F.E Claims Adjusters Corp. The contract is to be able to represent you while handling the process with you Insurance company.

An inspection is scheduled and performed with the Insurance to determine their opinion on the loss. After their decision is made, an estimate is provided from the Insurance to you the insureds and the Public Adjusters. If everything is paid, Franco’s Exteriors Services receives the funds to start the project at your property. If the insurance denies coverage, F.E Claims Adjusters Corp does everything possible to get you claim approved.


Our Services Include



We have the knowledge and skills to work with various roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, tile, or flat roofs. We're familiar with local building codes and regulations, ensuring that the roofing work meets the required standards.


Interior work involves space planning, design, construction, and decoration. It requires a collaborative effort between designers, contractors, and skilled professionals to bring the desired vision to life.


We have the knowledge and expertise to recommend the best siding material and installation techniques for your house based on factors like climate, budget, and desired aesthetics.


Gutters service we provide ensures proper water drainage and prevent potential damage to the building's foundation and landscaping.

Claims Assistance

Professional assistance in the evaluation, investigation, negotiation, and settlement of insurance claims. Our knowledge of insurance policies and regulations help facilitate a smooth and fair resolution.